Key benefits of a smarter office

An investment in technology is an investment in the future of your business. Statistics reveal that almost one fifth of businesses plan to implement a smart office solution this year. It’s clear that businesses recognise the importance of technology to their future success. 

The Covid-19 crisis brought around an unprecedented shift in how businesses operate. With that in mind, what are the key benefits of a smarter office space? And are you ready to make the investment? 

Smart is sustainable 

Gone are the days when sustainability was a small movement limited to a handful of products. Consumers and employees are now more aware of social and environmental issues. In fact, over 60% of consumers expect businesses to have clear sustainability practices. 

A smart office solution can help your business take control of everything from your printing levels, to the temperature of a meeting room. This saves you money and can go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Happy employees

It’s no secret that happier employees are more productive. Oxford University discovered that happy workers are 13% more productive. When your employees feel valued, they’ll go the extra mile. An investment in smart technology shows your people that you care about their wellbeing. A team that works with outdated technology that isn’t fit for purpose is a frustrated team. 

Improved time management

No business can afford to run into cash flow problems. If your business is spending it’s time working inefficiently, you could be losing money. A smart office solution can help you save time on tasks that you used to spend hours labouring over. Processes become streamlined and you can focus more on growing your business. 

Increased output and growth 

When your business works smarter it can benefit from increased output. This can result in your business becoming better equipped to grow and scale. A more efficient business is often more profitable and can give you the edge over your competitors. 

Positive work environment 

People want to work with businesses that innovate. An investment in a smarter office shows your people that you’re willing to adapt to times that are changing. When your business invests in smart technology, you can attract and retain top talent. Employees stay in businesses that make them feel valued. What better way to show your people you respect them than giving them the tools required to do the job well. 

Ready to work smarter?

The working world has changed forever. Businesses must adapt to the changes if they want to survive and thrive. Creating the right environment and giving employees the opportunity to work efficiently and productively is vital to the future success of your business. 

At AFP Digital, we offer a wide range of smart office solutions. We’ve got tailored approaches to suit any business’s needs. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you bring your business into the digital world with a smart office solution, get in touch with us today.