Make your office work for you, not against you

From your office hardware and document management plans, storage solutions, software and I T support. AFP Digital is the digital partner you need to elevate both your business, and your bottom line.

Photocopiers and printers. Used by you, looked after by us

Whatever your budget and whatever the volume, you’ll find printers and photocopiers to keep your business running smoothly, efficiently and without a hitch.

Choose a monthly plan tailored to the needs of your business. The ultimate in flexibility and with support and maintenance built in as standard.

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Scan. Store. Archive. Seamless document management

Your business needs an effortless document management system. From distribution and accessibility, to archiving and storage, the security of your documents is our top priority.

Find out more about our document management software for a faultless digital existence.

Quality Management software. Evolving your business in real time

Stay ahead of the game and your competition with quality management software that monitors, assesses and improves at the touch of a button.

Let’s talk about ensuring that your business misses nothing, and captures everything.

Scan Bureau. The ultimate archiving solution

Storing and archiving your documents costs your business in terms of time, space and money. Scan Bureau will fully digitise every single one of your documents, keeping them indexed, accessible and secure. All at the touch of a button.

Discover a better way for your business to be in business.

The I.T support you need, when you need it

From remote and on-site support, to security monitoring and PC and network installations, we’re here to handle every single aspect of your business I.T.

Take a look at AFP Technology, the only partner you’ll need when it comes to your business I.T solutions.

Helping your teams to work smarter, not harder

Devices to help improve the efficiency of your day to day processes, smart collaboration to identify where digitisation could really help your business soar, and a world of apps to help you and your teams work smarter not harder.

Take a look at how we’re the digital partner you need to grow your business, and your revenue, one digital step at a time.

Completely contactless cleanliness. Without the touch of a button.

With an 8 hour proactive kill time* (*tested against Coronavirus and SARS). 100% coverage and the ability to sanitise 30 people a minute based on a 2m distance, this is the ultimate hand sanitising technology for your business.

Keep your staff, customers and clients safe all year round with eShield180.