A storage solution to save you space, time and money

If you’re a business that deals with documents, you’ll know that storing them to an archive is a costly business, in terms of both space and money.

Scan Bureau is a digital archiving system that will fully digitise the transfer and organisation, as well as the storage and destruction of each and every one of your documents. Keeping them secure, organised and accessible at the touch of a button.

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From physical files, to digital documents

When you no longer need your physical documents, AFP Digital will convert them to electronic files. As soon as we’ve done that, you’ll get a Certificate of Destruction confirming that your physical files have been securely destroyed.

The Scan Bureau process is simple. You provide us with the physical documentation for us to barcode and track. Once they’re scanned and digitised, they’ll be indexed and archived, ready for you to access and use as and when you need to. From physical to digital, just like that.

Scanned, sorted, secured

When you work with AFP Digital, you can choose to store your documents on your own servers, at our data centre, or on the cloud. But no matter where you store them, we’ll make sure they’re secure, protected and easily accessible.

You choose what you archive, where it’s stored and who has access. Whatever your business, whatever your documentation, Scan Bureau is the ultimate digital document storage solution.

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