Photocopiers and Printers

Devices for every business and every budget

At AFP Digital, you’ll find office equipment to suit every budget and every requirement, no matter the complexity.

Whether it’s multi-function or desktop printers, we’re here to ensure that your business stays up to date and top of the range.

Photocopiers and multi-function printers

There’s a variety of different photocopiers out there on the market. It can be hard to know which is the right choice for your workplace.

When you work with AFP Digital, you’ll discover devices with a world of possibilities at the touch of a screen. Possibilities like:

In-built translation capabilities.
Access to individual cloud and G Drive accounts.
The ability to scan the document and convert it into an MP3 file.
Access to numerous applications via an app store.

Whether you need single desktop units, stand alone copiers or networked options multi-function options, you’ll find options from a number of market leaders including:

• Xerox
• Lexmark
• Utax
• Ricoh
• Konica Minolta
• Kyocera

For a more efficient, impressive, and completely inclusive workplace, AFP Digital is your perfect digital partner.

Desktop Printers.

We’re going to make this really simple. The cheaper your printers, the more ink they’ll use. And ink costs money. Not only that, if the printers you buy aren’t able to handle the workload, that’s going to cause problems. Problems that will fall to your IT team to fix. Ultimately, it’s your business that’s going to pay in the long run.

At AFP Digital, disposable printing isn’t part of what we do. We believe that unrivalled maintenance shouldn’t just apply to photocopiers and standard printers. That’s why our desktop printers come with managed print plans that effectively cover every aspect of your printing requirements, including ongoing maintenance.

Want tailored flexibility for a better bottom line?

Any device, anytime, anywhere

Delay, inconvenience and unproductivity. We’re guessing that these are just a few of your not too favourite things when it comes to your office equipment breaking down and being out of service.

Problems occur, office equipment needs maintenance, but that shouldn’t mean that your teams are prevented from doing the things they need to do for long periods of time.

At AFP Digital, you’ll find expert maintenance from our master technicians, across the board, whatever the device.

All of our monthly plans include maintenance by our highly skilled engineers, who know the machines you’re working on like the back of their hand. Whether they provide support remotely via desktop connection, or you need them to physically attend your place of work, you’ll have every base covered with AFP as your digital partner.

Let’s talk about how we can keep your business, in business.