Document Management

Your document management. Seamless, secure, sorted.

Your business deals with documents on a daily basis. Emails, reports, invoices and timesheets – documents really are the building blocks of your company.

Whether you create them in house, receive them via letter, email or fax, or download them from a shared drive – AFP Digital can manage and organise your documents all in one seamlessly flawless journey.

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From capturing and scanning…

As the Document People, our document management solutions capture and scan your documents from almost any source.

You and your teams will be able to access them across multiple sites, and distribute them as and when your clients, customers and your business need.

Sound like a plan?

…To storage and archiving…

When you no longer need your documents, AFP Digital’s document solutions can store and archive them securely.

Say goodbye to hefty physical storage bills and overcrowded filing cabinets. AFP Digital have a range of market-leading document storage and archiving solutions that will save you space, money and time.

…Including cloud-based storage…

Cloud-based storage gives you access to your documents, no matter where you are.

All of AFP Digital’s cloud-based document storage solutions use the latest technology from the industry’s most trusted brands. They’re fully compatible with a range of software systems and packages. So no matter what systems you have in place, our solutions will work with them, meaning you don’t have to wait long to start seeing results.

Start tailoring your document storage to the needs of your business and your teams with our smart office solutions.

…And complete connectivity…

Middleware software from AFP Digital facilitates a fluid document flow from start to finish.

From physical document creation to digital copy, Middleware ensures that your documents are managed efficiently and effortlessly at all stages of the document life cycle. It’s a key tool as it allows us to integrate fully with the key softwares you may already have in place, including Sage, CRM and Case Management Systems.

Get ready to automate your paper processes, ensure accurate records, and efficient document distribution.

…With secure accessibility

Your documents often contain sensitive and confidential information. From employee records, to client data, you need to make sure your documents are safe, secure, and only seen by the right people.

AFP Digital can offer a number of secure storage and archiving services to ensure that your documents are securely stored, but easily retrieved.

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Digital post for hybrid working

As your business adapts to new ways of working, you need secure software solutions that ensure that your business post is going to the right place.

Digital Post enables your staff to receive their mail at their desktop, whether that’s at home or in the office. Scanning and barcoding each and every piece of post that you receive, this is software that identifies exactly where it needs to be, and gets it there, in an instant.

Discover smart post for your smart office.

Complete control over your printing output

If you’re looking to have complete control over the amount of printing your business does, then look no further. Our document management solutions are perfect for large and/or multi-site businesses, with a number of machines across a number of locations.

With Papercut software technology, you’ll be able to fully manage your print from wherever you are, using any device. In addition, you’ll also be able to select the most convenient printer to send documents to with the unique Find-Me Print technology.

Other benefits include:

• Reduced cost
• Increased security for your documents and client data with secure print release
• Reduced waste
• Pincode or thumbprint access
• Extensive reporting

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