30 people per minute, 25,000 dispenses as standard, 8 hour total protection.

Whatever your business, it’s vital that your customers and staff feel safe whatever the circumstances.

Now, more than ever, your customers, clients and staff are in tune with the need to look after their health. In the post-Covid world, hand sanitising is a big part of that.

If you’re fed up with endless bottles of sanitiser and queues of people waiting to use it before entering your premises, then you’re in the right place.

Take a closer look. The game’s about to change.

Intelligent hand sanitising technology – without the touch of a button.

Together with Essential Healthcare Solutions, AFP Digital brings you eShield180, a patented bi-directional hand sanitiser that’s hassle free for both your business and your footfall.

There are so many reasons why your customers will feel safe knowing that eShield180 is part of their customer experience.

  • 8 hour proactive kill time* (*tested against Coronavirus and SARS)
  • 30 people per minute at a 2m distance.
  • 100% contactless coverage
  • Connection to Feversense facial recognition temperature technology
  • Control of footfall with door access link capability
  • Approval by the UK Infection Prevention Society and NHS & British Health Trade Association

Helping your business, to get back to business.

Your customers and staff are the people who keep the wheels of your business turning.

If you’re going to get them back to your business, you’ve got to make their experience safe, enjoyable and one they want to repeat.

Approved by the UK Infection Prevention Society and NHS & British Health Trade Association, with contactless application and the capability to keep your footfall moving, eShield180 is the ultimate way to protect what matters.

Want to find out more about why eshield is the smart choice for your workplace? Contact us here at AFP Digital now.

The future of your business just acquired safety as standard.