How can you practise corporate social responsibility?

Last week we talked about the importance of corporate social responsibility for businesses. Building brand reputation, making a positive difference to the community, keeping employees engaged.

You might be keen to introduce some practises to your own business, but you’re not sure where to start. There’s no one ‘right’ way companies should practise corporate social responsibility. Every business has different ideas and methods. It’s all about finding what matters to you and your employees.

If you’re struggling for ideas, we’re covering a few key ways businesses can give back. If you have any others, we’d love to hear them!

Give going green the green light

One of the best ways to practise corporate social responsibility is by being more sustainable. Develop policies and practices that allow your company to fulfill your commitment to the environment.

Going digital is a great way to get started. Paperless printing, cloud storage, automated systems. And when you invest in a smart office, those practises become second nature.

For example, the average worker prints 34 pages per day. 17% of these pages go completely unused.  Digital document management systems can save 1.4 trillion pounds of paper every year. That adds up to 728,000 trees. 

By doing something as simple as investing in digital document management, you’re already making huge progress in reducing your carbon footprint.

Give back to charities or local businesses

Some businesses choose to donate some of their profits or services to other local businesses and charities.

A lot of businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. Offering free or discounted services can make a real difference to their recovery. Not only that, but it’ll help you foster great working relationships that could give you more potential clients in future.

You could also think about what matters to you and your employees as a business. Talk to them about causes they care about. You can then choose to donate to charities and other non-profit organisations that work towards these causes. It gives you, your business and your employees a bigger purpose, keeps them engaged and helps those in need. A win win or everybody.

Give back to your employees

You can’t make a positive difference beyond your business if your internal processes don’t hit the mark first. Build foundations that help make sure you’re treating your employees in an ethical way.

For example, creating a clear workplace health and safety program will help you establish reliable systems to protect your employees and prevent accidents and injuries. It will also ensure you are compliant with government legislation on health and safety.

You could also invest in training and development schemes that give your employees opportunities to grow and progress their careers. Not only is this a great way to give back for their hard work, it’ll lower the risk of staff turnover and boost employee morale.

Smart office solutions

As we mentioned before, investing in smart office can not only do wonders for your business, but it helps the environment too. If you need more advice or support about your smart office needs, AFP can help.

Give us a call today and let’s get your office working smarter, and your business working better.