About KJA Group

For more than two decades the companies within the KJA Group have provided top quality professional and financial advice to West Yorkshire businesses, primarily those of small to medium size, at sensible, highly-competitive fee levels. Our group comprises of Chartered Accountants, Business Consultants, Independent Financial Advisers and Cost Reduction specialists. We enjoy working closely with our clients, developing successful, enduring business relationships.

“They were able to reduce our costs by £591 a month, on ink alone, which is a significant saving”
Ritchie Kilner, KJA Accountants

The Problem

The fact that a firm of accountants is cost conscious will not surprise many people and a pro-active, highly efficient company like KJA Accountancy Group keep a close eye on the cost effectiveness of every aspect of their business. Established in 1993, this personalised, expert accountancy and tax advisory service has offices in Cleckheaton, Leeds and in Harrogate and employ over 33 members of staff.

Like many businesses, KJA had an assortment of printers mainly because, when a printer broke down
they threw it away and bought a new one. The offices were littered with mismatching equipment that was hard to manage and support, required a wide range of toners and inks and resulted in varying print qualities.

In addition, different people in the office ordered different cartridges rather one person ordering them all. “The cost of ink was increasing and the printer we had in the reception area was costing us a fortune” commented Ritchie Kilner, KJA’s MD
“Even though we spent time hunting for cheap cartridges they were still expensive. We tried using refilled toner cartridges and, although cheaper, they were poor quality and created a lot of hassle and problems by being unreliable to use.”

The Solution

With 3 printers in need of replacement, Ritchie saw an opportunity to replace his entire printer fleet with no up-front costs and called in AFP Digital to carry out an audit. KJA’s existing print solution was far from up to the standard required and it was proving to be expensive and hard to maintain.

AFP Digital presented a solution that modernised and improved efficiency of the printing process as well as standardising equipment and reducing time spent on maintenance.

The new solution reduced KJAs monthly ink costs by £591 as well as providing a fixed, manageable print system cost.

The Result

KJA have now installed 8 Olivetti PGL2028 Special and Olivetti d-Color P226 Special laser printers and a Ricoh 2200 MF shared colour printer and a photocopier. Ritchie recalls “We had a new fleet of equipment installed with no disruption to the running of the business and we are left with a massive improvement in the quality of print output because it is all standardised and consistent.

Our clients expect to see a clear and legible set of accounts from us, that are professional and reflect the high quality of our work. Therefore it is important that everything, that our clients see meets these expectations.”

KJA like the peace of mind AFP Digital offer with their technical support too. “When we had problems with our network, that were not caused by AFP Digital, the technicians were quick to attend to our fleet and very supportive; working together to solve the problem. It’s also reassuring to know that if a printer did break down, and could not be fixed, AFP Digital would replace it without any additional cost to ourselves.”