• Managed Print Plan, Document Management
A modern office should work with people, not against them.
Through our Smart Office print and productivity solutions, you can achieve just that. With our Scan and Productivity tools, you can manage the flow of documents through your business, getting them to right person and system at the right time and storing everything safely and securely whether you want it stored locally or in the Cloud. Improve office workflows with our capture and storage solutions, digital mailroom technologies as well as our market-leading Invoice processing systems.
We have tools and solutions that can streamline your office, reduce your document storage costs and not just save you money, but help you make more.
  • Managed Print Plan, Document Management

Workflows & Processing

Every business creates documents. From emails and invoices to reports and whitepapers, every day documents are created, sent and stored. AFP Digital will help you improve and optimise the flow of documents through your business.

Our document workflows and management systems can help you to:

 • Reduce storage
 • Lower printer management costs
 • Share and manage documents across sites and with remote workers
 • Control costs

cost management

Cost Management

Modern offices thrive on documents and their creation. When your employee numbers increase and your document requirements grow, your print costs can easily spiral beyond your expectations. AFP Digital’s cost management solutions can help you to manage and stay in control of your print costs and save you money.

With AFP Digitals print cost management systems you can:

 • Ensure that documents are sent to the most cost-effective printer
 • Control expensive print volumes and documents
 • Increased accountability to control costs
 • Reduced IT burden

Cost management solutions are one of many ways in which AFP Digital can help you get more from your print and copier fleet. From managed print plans to new hardware and dedicated support agreements and SLAs, AFP Digital – The Document People – can help you save time, money and energy when it comes to your print needs.

Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

document workflow solutions

Document Workflow Solutions

Every day your business will create hundreds of documents. From emails and reports to supplier invoices and timesheets, documents are an inevitable part of doing business. These essential business items create pressures on your business. Time, storage, management and distribution are all effected by the number of documents you produce.

Take control of your document workflow and transform your business. AFP Digital are The Document People and we understand how to get the most of your document workflow. Our systems and solutions allow you to:

 • Capture documents from virtually any source
 • Desktop
 • Email
 • Printer
 • Scanner
 • Fax
 • Process important documents automatically
 • Distribute documents to the people who need them, when they need them

AFP Digital combine years of print, copier and document management knowledge with long-standing relationships with top-of-the-range manufacturers to implement systems and solutions that match your business needs precisely. We’re committed to giving our customers the solution they need, not just something we want to sell.

Talk to AFP Digital and understand how The Document People can improve your document management. Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk.

printer fleet management

Printer Fleet Management

Be in control of your printer fleet with Fleet Management solutions from AFP Digital.

Managing a large, complex fleet of printers can be time consuming, complex and expensive. With centralised printer fleet management systems, you can reduce the amount of time spent managing individual printers, automatically update software and drivers and manage your ink and toner purchases.

Whether you have a single office, multiple sites or home workers, you can manage and monitor all of your devices through a single interface. All of this control means you can focus your support and maintenance time in the areas that it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Some of the key features of our print management solutions include:

 • Remote, centralised print fleet management
 • Toner and ink alerts and reminders
 • Centralised driver updates
 • End-to-end managment

Fleet Management is just one of a range of smart, secure and flexible document management solutions offered by The Document People at AFP Digital. If you have a wide range of printers, are struggling to keep control of your existing fleet, fleet costs or workstations, our Managed Print Plan and Support services could help. Talk to AFP Digital and understand how The Document People can improve your document management. Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

mobile print and scan

Mobile Print & Scan

Don’t be tied to machines, printers and copiers. AFP Digital’s mobile print and scan solutions allow you to print documents from mobile devices and scan directly to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Simple, reliable apps work on the tablets and phones you choose to allow you to print and scan no matter what device your teams are working from.

Our mobile print and scan solutions can be integrated with most of the leading printer and scanner fleet manufacturers, offering you the ability to add device flexibility without having to invest in expensive hardware and systems.

With AFP Digital’s mobile print and scan solutions, you can:

 • Print to your network fleet from smartphones and tablet
 • Print common document formats, web pages and photos
 • Connect devices quickly and easily, using your existing network
 • Use both Apple and Android devices
 • Scan directly to tablets and smartphones

Mobile print and scan is just one of a range of smart document management solutions offered by The Document People at AFP Digital. Our systems allow you to work with your company’s documents more efficiently and effectively. Talk to AFP Digital and understand how The Document People can improve your document management.

Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

cloud print

Cloud Print

Being out of the office shouldn’t mean that you can’t print out the documents that you have created. With cloud print solutions from AFP Digital you can quickly send documents to and from the office printers to remote workers and devices.

Automate tasks and routines to increase your business efficiency. Remote workers can print out receipts, timesheets and invoices on the office printers for collection by the appropriate people. AFP Digital’s Cloud Print solutions offer you secure, reliable and simple management of your printers too, enabling you to centralise your printers in to your offices.

Cloud printing solutions allow you to have your meetings in a Starbucks and have the notes printed out, waiting for you in the office the moment you walk back through the door.

Cloud Print is just one of a range of smart, secure and flexible document management solutions offered by The Document People at AFP Digital. Manage the documents you create, send, store and receive efficiently and simply with a range of tools that integrate with your existing hardware fleet. Talk to AFP Digital and understand how The Document People can improve your document management.

Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

  • Managed Print Plan, Document Management

Archiving & Storage

Being able to efficiently store all of the documents that your business creates and receives can be a challenge. Not only is it a physical challenge, finding and making space in which to store everything, it’s an expensive one too. If you’re business is one of those who has to rent external space just to store old documents and files, you will understand the issue.

There is an alternative. AFP Digital – The Document People – have a range of market-leading document storage and archiving solutions that can save you space, money and time. From simple electronic storage options, through to Cloud Solutions, Document security and the exclusive Scan Bureau service we can reduce make your document storage, archiving and retrieval more efficient and effective.

Our services:

 • Simple document storage
 • Document security
 • Cloud storage
 • Scan Bureau


Simple Electronic Storage

Converting the paper documents that your business creates and receives in to something electronic, accessible and easy to retrieve is easy with AFP Digital’s Simple Electronic Document Storage solutions.

From something as everyday as a document scanner that allows you to reduce the amount of paper you’re having to keep track of, to integrated platforms that enable the quick retrieval of information across multiple sites, AFP Digital’s solutions can save you time, money and space.

As The Document People, AFP Digital know how important your documents are to you. Find out how we can help to make your business more document efficient. Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

document security

Document Security

A lot of the documentation that your business produces is sensitive, private or confidential. Whether it’s employee records, client and customer data or your own accounts and performance data, you need to know that it’s stored somewhere secure, safe and out of reach of the wrong people.

AFP Digital’s secure storage and archiving services provide you with the confidence of knowing that your documents are safely stored, but easy to retrieve. Whether you opt for on-site electronic solutions, something cloud based or through secure off-site facilities, we can build a solution to suit you.

Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

cloud document storage

Cloud Document Storage

Being able to store your documents in the cloud enables you to make them available to the people who need them, as soon as they need them, wherever they need them. Built entirely around the needs of your business and your employees, AFP Digital’s cloud based storage systems can improve your document workflows immeasurably.

From scan and print services that untether your staff from the office to remote working options that allow your employees to access important documents on a range of devices no matter where they are, AFP Digital have a solution that will work for you.

All of AFP Digital’s cloud based document storage solutions employ the latest technology from the cloud storage industry’s most trusted brands and they are fully compatible and interoperable with many of the best known software systems and packages. All this means that, no matter what IT infrastructure you have in place, you could start to get the benefits of the cloud straightaway.

Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

scan bureau

Scan Bureau

Scan Bureau is an exclusive service from AFP Digital.

With Scan Bureau all of your document storage, archiving, retrieval and destruction challenges are taken away. With Scan Bureau, all you have to worry about is how to use the time and space you will create once you no longer have to manage all of your business documents.

The Scan Bureau service is simple. The documents that you create, receive and store are barcoded, scanned and collected by AFP Digital before being digitised, archived and securely destroyed. The Scan Bureau service digitises your existing paper records and allows you to instantly convert the documents, invoices and files you create and receive in to digital copies and store them with the rest of your documentation as electronic files.

With Scan Bureau, not only do you immediately gain access to fully indexed, easy to retrieve and share electronic documents, you also reclaim so much of the space that your document storage is taking up in your office.

Once the hard copies of your documents are no longer needed and you can meet your obligations with only electronic files, the Scan Bureau service will securely, discreetly and comprehensively destroy the paper copies.

With Scan Bureau, all of your document storage problems are addressed.

To find our more about Scan Bureau or discuss how Scan Bureau can help your business, call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk.

scan bureau

Closed Matter File Archiving

A well-managed and maintained archive is essential if you are going to run an efficient and effective legal practice. Being in control of your closed matter file archive reduces your risk and helps you to better fulfil your client obligations. The Law Society has produced a very detailed practice note on this topic.

Physical storage is expensive and as commercial space costs continue to increase, more and more firms are looking to more flexible, effective and modern methods of storing archive matter files. With the average cost of office space in the UK now over £30 sq ft, each bankers box you fill with records could be costing over £600 per year in used space alone and that’s before you’ve accounted for the cost of retrieval. Electronic data storage from AFP Digital could half that cost and double your office space.

AFP Digital’s unique system integrates seamlessly with your case management software and allows you to archive matters the moment they are closed and retrieve them in minutes at a fraction of the cost of physical storage.

Whether you choose to store your files on your servers, at our data centre or in the cloud, your closed matter files will be secure, protected and simple to retrieve. AFP Digital’s software is file closure policy compliant and the service form part of the Lexcel Accreditation Scheme.

Through their specialist Scan Bureau Service AFP Digital provide a complete start-to-finish archiving service. With Scan Bureau, your closed matter files can be collected, sorted, digitised and securely destroyed.

AFP Digital will securely collect your closed matter files which are then barcoded and tracked. The files are then OCR scanned, indexed and stored in your digital archive. AFP Digital then securely destroy the hard copy using a certified file destruction process located at their offices.

Whenever you need to retrieve one of your closed matter files, you simply go to your digital archive.

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AFP Digital – The Document People

Invoice Processing

AFP Digital’s Invoice Processing systems allow you to save time, reduce storage and waste and make more money. Integrating with Sage 50, Sage 200, Dynamics, Xero and most other accounts systems, our Invoice Processing systems allow you to scan and manage your incoming invoices at the touch of a button. Simply scan the invoice, assign it to a supplier in your accounts package and let the software do the rest. With the addition of Invoice Approval your accounts can be fully automated. Our system will learn and remember individual supplier invoice formats, so that you don’t have to watch each invoice go in. Reduced time processing incoming invoices means more time chasing up the invoices you’ve sent, getting you paid faster and improving your bottom line.

invoice approval

Invoice Approval

Integrating with Sage 50, Sage 200, Dynamics, Xero and most other accounts systems, our Invoice Approval system allows you to automate your supplier management and invoice payment requests. Using your own thresholds and invoice approval processes, invoices are automatically routed for review and approval. Once approved, the invoices are put back in to your accounts system for payment.

Invoice Approval allows you to stay on top of your incoming invoices, manage your payments and cash-flow more efficiently and speed up the process of dealing with suppliers. Some of the many powerful features include:

 • Simple invoice set-up
 • Intelligent approval flow
 • Batch extract to Accounts Payable
 • Account coding tools
 • Detailed reporting

To improve your Invoice Approval, call AFP Digital on 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

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Your business will have made a significant investment in tools, software, hardware and other devices. Adding new equipment to the list, new software, new tools and new devices to learn adds time, expense and effort that you can ill-afford to invest.

At AFP Digital we value interoperability highly. Throughout our portfolio of Smart Office products, services and solutions we aim to integrate with your existing software, hardware and services. This allows you to concentrate on supporting the equipment that you already have while making it do more for your business, work harder and deliver greater value.

systems integration

Back-end Systems Integration

Your business infrastructure must work for you and it has to work hard. With many Smart Office systems and approaches, companies will add hardware, software, systems and applications that only serve to make things more confusing. That is not the AFP Digital way.

With AFP Digital’s solutions, the plan is simple – find ways of integrating with as many well-known, well-used and well-understood software systems and packages as possible. Our smart office solutions integrate with:

 • Sage 50
 • Sage 200
 • Microsoft Dynamics
 • Microsoft Office
 • Dropbox
 • Google Drive
 • Xero
 • And many more…

To learn more about how AFP Digital can transform your document management without making you invest in a whole new IT backbone, call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

Case Studies


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The Document Lifecycle

From the moment a document is created through to its archiving or even destruction, each stage of its life places different demands on your business. The average person sends and receives 121 emails per day, many of which need to be stored, archived and retrieved – and that is just email. AFP Digital offer a range of solutions that manage the entire document lifecycle.

From Productivity and Workflow management to Secure Archiving and Destruction, we have a product that will improve your document management.

Every document goes through the same, simple steps from its creation to its eventual archiving and destruction. Whether it’s storage on your office network, printing and filing or archiving for long term storage, an effective plan for your documents can help to make your business more efficient and effective.

Having the right tools in place for each stage of document’s lifecycle can allow your business to run more smoothly, put important information in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it, or just save money by making your office more ‘user-friendly’. Knowing where your documents are in their lifecycle and having a process and tool ready to use can revolutionise your business.

The document lifecycle is broken in to three simple steps:


The creation of documents and files, from emails through to reports, invoices to everyday correspondence.

Everything that your business produces, prints and creates begins at the ‘Produce’ stage.


Effective storage for all types of files, both electronic and physical is essential for the running of a successful business.

As soon as the day’s post is opened and new information lands on your team’s desks your documents are moving through their ‘Retrieve’ stage.


A document without a purpose is nothing at all. Everything your business produces is created with a purpose and with the intention that it will be needed again.

Knowing where things are and being able to retrieve them quickly, the moment that they are needed is essential. Here your documents sit in the ‘Archive’ stage.

"The Managed Print Plan from AFP has delivered good savings, plus I just don’t need to think about toners, maintenance kits and desktops printers anymore – if a problem occurs it gets resolved"

Charles Bamford, IT & Bureau Manager, Group Auto Union

  • Managed Print Plan, Document Management

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