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Take control of your desktop printing.
AFP Digital are specialists in managed desktop print solutions. With our extensive range of top-quality desktop printers, best-in-class customer service and competitive pricing, you can reduce the time, money and stress of managing your desktop printer fleet. Prices start at as little as £0.01 per page and that includes the device, its servicing, repair and toner costs. Find out more about how AFP Digital – The Document People can revolutionise your desktop printing.


Let us introduce you to the AFP Print Plan...

You may have noticed whilst navigating round the site the words ‘Print Plan’ this section will briefly explain what our Print Plan entails.

What is the Print Plan?

The Print Plan is a managed print solution which delivers massive savings whilst also alleviating the burden of printer problems and toner sourcing from you. The Print Plan is suitable to clients of all sizes and sectors of business, irrespective of your current print volume. We can provide any machine type whether it is a color multifunction printer, a black white desktop or photocopier. The audit and business assessment will determine what the best solution for you is. We specialise in desktop printers, the reason for this is that historically desktop printers are purchased outright and customers often suffer big bills on a monthly basis due to toner prices which they are sourcing at a high cost to the business.

We launched the Print Plan back in 2009, and have had fantastic results since then. The key to the Print Plan is identifying the volume a client is printing, once this has been established a tailored plan is created focusing on the machines required and the businesses needs in terms of printing and productivity. The Print Plan is completely flexible, print volumes can be altered and additional machines can be added to the plan at any time.

What is included?

• A new printer fleet
• All toners for the duration of the plan
• All consumable items including maintenance kits
• On site service and engineer support
• 4 Hours response time
• Faulty printer exchange

How much does it cost?

98% of customers pay less than the historical spend on toner alone!

Each customer is different, Your plan is tailored to you. A FREE print audit and meeting would identify the cost for you.  Call us now to arrange a short meeting on 01924 201737.

The team at AFP Digital knows that each business and client is unique, that is why we really believe in getting to know our customers. Building strong relationships with our customers is just as important as getting to know your businesses printing needs.


  • Managed Print Plan, Document Management

AFP Digital – The Document People

Smart Office

AFP Digital’s Smart Office Solutions allow you to work more efficiently with the documents that you create, store, receive and retrieve. An office is not smart if you have to buy lots of new hardware, software and infrastructure in order to implement a solution, which is why AFP Digital’s Smart Office products integrate with products like Microsoft Office, Sage 50 and Sage 200. From Invoice Processing to Simple Data storage solutions and a whole lot more in-between, AFP Digital makes it easy to get the most out of your document lifecycle.

Our Smart Office Products include:

 • Mobile Print and Scan
 • Cloud Print
 • Pin Point Scan
 • Sharepoint Connector
 • Print and follow

mobile print and scan

Mobile Print & Scan

Don’t be tied to machines, printers and copiers. AFP Digital’s mobile print and scan solutions allow you to print documents from mobile devices and scan directly to your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Simple, reliable apps work on the tablets and phones you choose to allow you to print and scan no matter what device your teams are working from.

Our mobile print and scan solutions can be integrated with most of the leading printer and scanner fleet manufacturers, offering you the ability to add device flexibility without having to invest in expensive hardware and systems.

With AFP Digital’s mobile print and scan solutions, you can:

 • Print to your network fleet from smartphones and tablet
 • Print common document formats, web pages and photos
 • Connect devices quickly and easily, using your existing network
 • Use both Apple and Android devices
 • Scan directly to tablets and smartphones

Mobile print and scan is just one of a range of smart document management solutions offered by The Document People at AFP Digital. Our systems allow you to work with your company’s documents more efficiently and effectively. Talk to AFP Digital and understand how The Document People can improve your document management. Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

cloud print

Cloud Print

Being out of the office shouldn’t mean that you can’t print out the documents that you have created. With cloud print solutions from AFP Digital you can quickly send documents to and from the office printers to remote workers and devices.

Automate tasks and routines to increase your business efficiency. Remote workers can print out receipts, timesheets and invoices on the office printers for collection by the appropriate people. AFP Digital’s Cloud Print solutions offer you secure, reliable and simple management of your printers too, enabling you to centralise your printers in to your offices.

Cloud printing solutions allow you to have your meetings in a Starbucks and have the notes printed out, waiting for you in the office the moment you walk back through the door.

Cloud Print is just one of a range of smart, secure and flexible document management solutions offered by The Document People at AFP Digital. Manage the documents you create, send, store and receive efficiently and simply with a range of tools that integrate with your existing hardware fleet. Talk to AFP Digital and understand how The Document People can improve your document management.

Call 01924 201737 or email us at: info@afpdigital.co.uk

Case Studies


  • Managed Print Plan, Document Management

The Document Lifecycle

From the moment a document is created through to its archiving or even destruction, each stage of its life places different demands on your business. The average person sends and receives 121 emails per day, many of which need to be stored, archived and retrieved – and that is just email. AFP Digital offer a range of solutions that manage the entire document lifecycle.

From Productivity and Workflow management to Secure Archiving and Destruction, we have a product that will improve your document management.

Every document goes through the same, simple steps from its creation to its eventual archiving and destruction. Whether it’s storage on your office network, printing and filing or archiving for long term storage, an effective plan for your documents can help to make your business more efficient and effective.

Having the right tools in place for each stage of document’s lifecycle can allow your business to run more smoothly, put important information in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it, or just save money by making your office more ‘user-friendly’. Knowing where your documents are in their lifecycle and having a process and tool ready to use can revolutionise your business.

The document lifecycle is broken in to three simple steps:


The creation of documents and files, from emails through to reports, invoices to everyday correspondence.

Everything that your business produces, prints and creates begins at the ‘Produce’ stage.


Effective storage for all types of files, both electronic and physical is essential for the running of a successful business.

As soon as the day’s post is opened and new information lands on your team’s desks your documents are moving through their ‘Retrieve’ stage.


A document without a purpose is nothing at all. Everything your business produces is created with a purpose and with the intention that it will be needed again.

Knowing where things are and being able to retrieve them quickly, the moment that they are needed is essential. Here your documents sit in the ‘Archive’ stage.

"Not only has this reduced the time we invested and the hassle we had, but the quality is consistently high from all machines, we are saving money and it is a solution that works for us. Having one less thing to worry about and knowing that the quality of output will be high and also knowing the exact cost each month helped us budget for the print cost. We reduced our costs by £591 a month, on ink alone, which is a significant saving."

Richard Kilner, KJA Accountants

  • Managed Print Plan, Document Management

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Book a free document lifecycle audit and The Document People will quickly identify where you could be saving time, money and space.

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